Join the IEEE Concordia team!

We have two ways you can get involved:

All of our volunteers are organized into committees, one for each of kind of event or operation happening at IEEE Concordia. To get involved please email us or visit us at the lab!

Busy? Not a lot of time to spare? Not a problem! We don’t want to overwork our volunteers! Although joining a committee is a promise to help out, there’s no minimum: it can be as small as helping carry boxes once or twice, or as big as leading the RoboWars team!

We can also add you to our Volunteers mailing list. When we’re planning an event, if we need some extra help, we may occasionally email you a call for volunteers. If you’re interested in joining this list, email us and ask us to add you to the volunteer mailing list.

You will be given access to the lab, help us keep it running smoothly, and help visitors with the lab equipment and their projects. Don’t know about our services? Learn about the McNaughton Learning Centre!

You don’t need to be an expert to become a lab supervisor! We’ll teach you everything you need to know. We’re looking for people who are responsible, who love to help others and want to learn. It also helps if you’re already involved!


The official responsibilities of a lab supervisor are:

  1. To supervise the lab and open it to visitors for a minimum of 2 hours per week.
  2. To provide guidance on project, lab or coursework to Concordia students visiting the lab, and provide information on IEEE Concordia’s events and activities.
  3. To ensure the security and safety of the lab, its premises, its equipment and its materials, as well as the security and safety of all lab users.
  4. To ensure lab users are aware of appropriate usage of and procedures for lab resources, conduct activities safely and adhere to the lab policies.
  5. To conduct other activities, as may be instructed by the Director of Lab Services, the Lab Services Committee, or other personnel, to ensure effective operation and maintenance of the lab.
  6. To join and actively participate in any other IEEE Concordia committee. We simply want our supervisors to be involved beyond only lab supervision! We’ll work with your schedule and time constraints: if you’re short on time, there are things you can help out with during your lab hours!

This role is formally defined in our By-laws, Section 2.02.


To apply as Lab Supervisor, please click the above link and fill out the application form. Having a recommendation from an existing IEEE Concordia member is not required, but highly recommended: we prefer to know you a little before accepting applications, so come out and meet us at the lab!

After we have reviewed your application, you will be invited to an interview with the Executive Committee. We will vote to appoint you a probational lab supervisor: at this point, you will enter a 3-week probationary period, during which you’re expected to accompany other supervisors during their open lab hours (2 hours per week) and learn about the lab, the equipment, our policies, etc. After the probationary period, the Executive Committee will render a final vote to appoint you Lab Supervisor.