Our Mandate

We offer electronic lab space for engineering students. You can work on your assignments, lab reports or your own personal projects while receiving help from our team of volunteers.

Our Equipment

Our lab is equipped with oscilloscope, power supply, signal generator and all kinds of other devices that you will need. We also have a set of spare components that you can reuse.

Our Events

Every semester, we organized all kinds of events such as tutorials, meet and greet, movie nights. And of course, every year we end the winter semester with our epic annual United States Trip.

Our Location

2160 Bishop - Suite 204
Montréal, Québec
H3G 1M8, Canada 

Contact us at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (temporary)
514-848-2424 ext. 5446

Get Involved

Looking for a technical society to get involved in? Liked our events and want to contribute by helping us organise them? Think you have what it takes to help us run the open lab and help others use the equipment and learn about electronics?

Join the IEEE Concordia team! We have two ways you can get involved with us, as a volunteer or as a lab supervisor.


Help make our events happen! We have several committees consisting of volunteers who help us plan events and generally keep things running. Our current committees are:

  • Administrative committee
  • Academic committee
  • Competitions committee
  • Finance committee
  • Lab committee
  • Marketing committee
  • Social activities committee
  • Purchasing committee

If you join a committee, you will be expected to participate actively on the committee, although we can work with you based on your time availability. The role of each committee is defined by the chair of that committee and may evolve over time. Come talk to us to find out more!

Not ready to commit? The best way to get involved is to just visit us at the lab and get to know us! You can help out with work going on at the lab or at an upcoming event without necessarily joining a committee.

We can also add you to our Volunteers mailing list. When we're planning an event, if we need some extra help, we may occasionally send out a call for volunteers by email and you can let us know if you're available to help us out with that event. If you're interested in joining this list, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask us to add you to the volunteer mailing list.

Lab supervisor

Help us run the open lab! You will be given access to the lab and help us keep it running smoothly, as well as help visitors with the lab equipment, with their projects or their courses. You don't need to be an expert at electronics or lab equipment to become a lab supervisor! We're looking for people who are responsible, who love to help others and want to learn. It also helps if you're already involved with our events or at the lab!


The responsibilities of a lab supervisor are:

  1. To supervise the lab and open it to visitors for at least 2 hours per week, usually on a fixed schedule.
  2. To provide guidance on project, lab or coursework to Concordia students visiting the lab, and provide information on IEEE Concordia's activities to the same persons.
  3. To ensure the security and safety of the lab, its premises, its equipment and its materials.
  4. To ensure lab users are aware of appropriate usage and procedures of lab resources, are conducting activities safely and adhere to the lab policies.
  5. To conduct other activities, as may be instructed by the Director of Lab Services or other personnel, to ensure an effective operation of the lab.
  6. To actively participate in IEEE Concordia's other activities, via membership and involvement in one of IEEE Concordia's committees. This doesn't have to be a huge time commitment—we can work this out based on your interests, skills and time availability. We simply want our supervisors to be involved beyond only lab supervision!

This role is formally defined in our By-laws and Policies.


Lab Supervisor Application Form

If you're interested in applying for a lab supervisor position, please fill out the application form linked above. Having a recommendation from an existing IEEE Concordia member is not required, but highly preferred: we prefer to know you a little before accepting applications, so come out and meet us at the lab!

After you have applied, if you are accepted, you will be invited to an interview with the Executive Committee. We will vote to appoint you a probational lab supervisor: at this point, you will enter a 3-week probationary period, during which you're expected to accompany somebody else during their open lab hours (2 hours per week) and learn about the lab, the equipment, our policies, etc. After the probationary period, the Executive Committee will render a final vote to appoint you Lab Supervisor.


The IEEE is the largest technical society in the world, and members enjoy a wide variety of professional services and benefits.


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