Coming Soon! Want to make your circuit professional and permanent with a printed circuit board (PCB), but need it quickly and not keen on the cost and turnaround time of professional manufacture? We offer equipment and materials for PCB etching: you can come in with your design files and come out with a PCB within an hour!

This service will be available for Fall 2016!

PCB Design

The first step in fabricating your own printed circuit board is drawing the circuit in software.

Don’t know how? Refer to our PCB Design Workshop. At its simplest, you could also go old-school with a Sharpie!

PCB Etching

Manufacturing the board begins with photo-developing the circuit image onto a pre-sensitized copper board using a photo-lithograph. The circuit is then developed in a solution and finally etched in ferric chloride, which dissolves all the copper traces. Lastly, the board can be drilled and soldered at the IEEE Concordia lab.

You can view the official Instruction Manual here: (Coming Soon!)

For those wanting to learn more about PCB etching, we recommend the following resources:


  • Cost: $10
  • Sizes: UV-sensitized boards available: (4”x6”), (6”x6”), (6”x9”). You can bring your own board (UV-sensitized, or pre-masked and ready to etch).
    This PCB etching service will allow you to fabricate several single or double layer boards (depending on size of design), through-hole and/or surface mount.
  • Applications: Capstone, Mini-Capstone, engineering society projects, personal projects
  • Contact: Want to see a fabricated board? Contact our Director of Lab Services or visit us during our open lab/office hours. If you have questions on printed circuit boards in general or on a specific project you’re working on, contact us.
  • Safety

    The IEEE Concordia Team has been certified by Concordia’s Environmental Health & Safety department (EHS) in WHMIS 1988 & 2015, Hazardous Waste Disposal, and Corrosive Material Training. All students must be accompanied by an appropriately trained IEEE Concordia laboratory staff member.

    All etching processes are conducted in a dedicated chemistry lab with proper glassware and fume hood.