Learning the Basics

A free online circuits & electronics textbook, technical articles, forums and more!
A very thorough, practical electronics training course used by the U.S. Navy, released freely to the public.
Concise electronics for geeks
A primer on electronic components and some fundamental circuits.
How to select a capacitor
Because not every capacitor is created equal!

Communities and Forums

A free online circuits & electronics textbook, technical articles, forums and more!
Texas Instruments E2E
A professional forum for engineers to ask each other and TI’s engineers questions.
Electronics on StackExchange
A Questions-and-Answers website for electrical engineering.
Reddit community to ask your electronics questions! Also check out their FAQ, and the related communities /r/electronics and /r/ECE.
Reddit community to showcase electronics projects. Run regular design contests.

Projects, Showcase & Tutorials

American Radio History – Technical
An archive of old electronics magazines containing projects and technical articles.
Arduino Playground
A wiki for Arduino information and projects contributed by users.
Daily showcase of electronic and computer DIY projects.
Showcase your projects and enter competitions!

Magazine for DIY projects of all disciplines

Where to Buy? (1/3)

Don’t know where to buy tools and parts for your projects? Let’s solve that!

IEEE Concordia and many of our members buy from several suppliers even for a single project, because they each excel in different products (components, ICs, test equipment, supplies like wires, tools, etc.) and have different selections and prices—from cheap Chinese imports to brand-name products.

Industrial supplier for electronics. Huge catalogue, great search (better with advancedsearch!). $8 two-day shipping Canada/US.
Newark Element14
Industrial supplier. $20 shipping to Canada.
Mouser Electronics
Another industrial supplier. $20 shipping to Canada.

Where to buy? (2/3)

Abra Electronics
Store in Montréal! Good for inexpensive tools and equipment, educational/prototyping products and some components. Carry a lot of Adafruit and SparkFun products.
Addison Électronique
Store in Montréal! More focused on electronic products and “heavy-duty” electrical supplies, but could be useful for electronics.
Store in Montréal! A hobbyist-oriented store selling prototyping supplies, tools, and various kits and modules (including SparkFun and Adafruit products). The closest store we’ve found to get the excellent Hakko FX-888D soldering iron, as well as a hobbyist-sized box of multi-coloured wire spools!
Robotics parts and various tools and modules. Some prototyping supplies. Ships from north of Montréal (around 1-2 days to Montréal).

Where to buy? (3/3)

Operating out of Niagara Falls, Ontario, DipMicro sells discrete component kits (resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc.), basic ICs, small components like banana plugs, prototyping equipment and modules like LCDs and wireless transmitters.
Canada Robotix
Hobbyist-oriented Canadian electronics store.
Electronics kits, modules and parts for the hobbyist. In Canada.
Colorado-based electronics store for tools, equipment, parts and modules. Great for good-quality but inexpensive Chinese tools/equipment as well as their in-house modules and adapter boards.
Started by a hobbyist, this U.S. business make and sell various modules, sensors, breakout boards, plush toys, etc.

Software Tools

Falstad Simulator
Simple online time-domain simulator. Great for trying out an idea or getting the basic idea of a circuit in the time domain.
Free. SPICE-based simulator from Linear. Very useful and powerful simulator.
Schematic capture and PCB design program. Free version available. Our recommended EDA package.
Free and open-source schematic capture and PCB design program. Being developed by CERN—still rough around the edges, but getting there!
Hobbyist-oriented schematic capture and layout package. Its unique feature is handling breadboards and Arduino layouts.

Societies & Associations

Concordia University
Concordia ENCS
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
Concordia Dept. ECE
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Concordia EDML
Engineering Design and Manufacturing Lab
Concordia Institute of Aerospace Design and Innovation
Concordia Institute for Co-Operative Education
Concordia SAE
Student society for automotive competitions.
UAV Concordia
Student society for unmanned aerial vehicle projects and competitions.
Space Concordia
Student society for spacecraft, robotics and rocketry projects and competitions.
Software Engineering and Computer Science Society
Our software counterpart society!
IEEE Canada
IEEE Montréal