If you’ve ever watched Interstellar, you would have seen what resembles fully automated farming equipment! Yes, what we are trying to achieve through this project is the automation of a farming bot on a small scale.

The purpose of this project is to promote sustainable agriculture, especially for biodiverse planting. By creating a farm management system, farmers would be able to localize the bot, program it with tasks such as weeding, seeding, monitoring and transportation of material.

In order to achieve this objective, IEEE will design and implement a field navigation system that would allow farmers to precisely track their bot’s movement using a Real-Time Data Global Positioning System (RTD-GPS).
Briefly, IEEE would like to make a prototype of the RTD-GPS using two Raspberry PIs equipped with GPS units and radio communication among them, then manufacturing a mini version of the robot to showcase the accuracy of the product.

This project is ongoing during Fall 2017 to Winter 2018. Interested in joining the team? Contact us or drop by the lab!

  • Timeline: Ongoing (contact us for details)
  • Project e-mail: farmingrobot@ieee.concordia.ca