This workshop will teach you the basics of analog audio circuits using op-amps. You will learn the various different kind of “building-block” circuits you can use with op-amps, the fundamental principles to designing them, and get to build an audio mixer, filter, audio- or low-frequency oscillator, audio effects, and more! The exact project you can build will depend on the year we’re offering it—check out our News or email us for more info!

This workshop has a practical focus: it will teach you essential circuits and let you build and test them for yourself, without getting bogged down in all the engineering theory and mathematics. In order to achieve this, the workshop will focus on low-frequency analog design techniques (up to 100kHz to 1MHz, depending on the speed of the components purchased), which is perfect for audio (up to 20kHz) or for control system applications (e.g. precise control of a robot arm).

This workshop was originally offered in collaboration with EMAC.

Prerequisites & What to Bring

This workshop is aimed toward both electroacoustics and engineering students. Electroacoustics students are strongly encouraged to learn basic circuits and frequency/Fourier domain concepts before attending this workshop. We may offer an electronics/circuits crash course in some semesters; contact EMAC or IEEE Concordia to find out more.

Participants are expected to have a good grasp of high-school algebra, basic understanding of circuits, and frequency/Fourier domain concepts. For the engineering-oriented aspects of the workshop that may be briefly mentioned, it is useful, but not necessary, to have an understanding of ELEC273, ELEC275 or equivalent, Signals and Systems, basic stability theory, and Electronics I.

All components, tools and equipment will be provided by IEEE Concordia, and must be returned at the end of the workshop. Attendees interested in purchasing electronic components used in a project may be able to do so through IEEE Concordia, depending on interest and the particular edition of this workshop.


More Information

If you are interested in modular synthesizer circuits, please note that these are generally beyond the scope of this workshop, as achieving voltage control of a circuit is considerably more difficult—these concepts are briefly introduced at the end of the workshop, time permitting. These circuits are often based on discrete transistors or operational transconductance amplifiers, in addition to or instead of op-amps, and introduce new and more advanced concepts. You are invited to contact us if you would like to learn more about synthesizer circuits.

For any questions regarding the event, please contact our Director of Academics or visit us during our open lab/office hours. If you have questions about analog or audio electronics in general, or want some advice for a project you are working on, feel free to contact us.


We are proud to offer this workshop to electroacoustics students in collaboration with the Electronic Music Association of Concordia:

Electronic Music Association of Concordia
  • Level Intermediate
  • Prerequisites Basic circuits; frequency/Fourier domain concepts
  • When Once per year (varies)