Why become a member?

If you’re here to learn new skills, gain connections and make new friends in the field of engineering, you’re in the right place!

Glass Membership


  • Free access to our electronics lab
  • Get your name published on our list of IEEE Concordia Members upon completion


Gain 4 points of contributions by:

  • Attending an IEEE tutorial (1pt)
  • Attending an IEEE social or networking event (1pt)
  • Competing in an IEEE competition (2 pts)
  • Coming to the lab (1 pt)
  • Volunteering at an IEEE event (2pts)

Carbon Membership


  • Connect with the team on our slack channel
  • Get preferential prices to attend events, or join free as a volunteer
  • Get off hours access to the electronics lab upon completion


  • Introduce yourself to the IEEE executive team at an IEEE meeting
  • Gain 4 hours of lab experience with a current lab supervisor
  • Learn the lab safety policies
  • Volunteer a 2 hour time slot per week as a lab supervisor

Silicon Membership


  • Gain valuable experience on one of our committees
  • Get your name published as a committee member

Join one of our committees

COMPETITIONS: Plan competitions such as IEEExtreeme or ROBOWARS
SOCIAL: Organize social events such as our Networking Wine and Cheese
WARHACKS: Help plan our hardware hackathon for CEGEP students
ACADEMICS: Teach fellow students valuable skills through our series of Tutorials
SPONSORSHIP: Seek out industry and faculty partners to help fund IEEE Concordia activities

Pass-by our lab to find out more

B-Annex lounge, B-104, 2160 Bishop St. [Map]