Arduino Secret Door Knock Workshop: 20 March 2017

Arduino Secret Door Knock Workshop: 20 March 2017

Only those who know the secret door knock may enter this room!

Apply your Arduino skills to make this secret door knock latch! With it, only people who know the secret knocking pattern will be able to open the door.

In this workshop, you’ll get to set up a simple circuit using a piezo transducer to detect knocks, a servo motor to control whether the latch is locked or unlocked, and your own ingenuity (and our help!) to write a program that can detect your knocking pattern!

We will provide all the tools you need to start playing around with the Arduino—except a laptop. Note that you must return all materials at the end of the workshop. If you want to continue using the Arduino after the workshop, you can come visit the lab or ask us about where to buy the components (also check out the resources page for a list of stores).

20 March 2017 18:00–21:00
B-Annex Lounge, B-102, 1260 Bishop St.
$5 – buy at ECA Office (H-838) or at the door (if space available)

Important information for attendees

Basic Arduino knowledge needed. You don’t need a lot of experience, just the basics of programming and Arduino.

You must bring your own laptop (and have admin permissions on it). Library laptops will not work.

Please download the Arduino software and install it before coming to the workshop.

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