RoboWars Sumo Competition: GRAND PRIZE $1000! Registration now open!

RoboWars Sumo Competition: GRAND PRIZE $1000! Registration now open!

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We are happy to officially announce RoboWars 2017! Registration is now open and the official rules have been released—now you can get building a winning robot!

Here’s what’s at stake: a grand prize of $1000 in cash, special awards that come with gear for your next robot, and glory in the sumo arena!

Interested in competing, or want to find out more? Check out the official RoboWars website for rules, registration, deadlines and other important info! You can also sign up for the email newsletter to get regular updates, features, tips and tricks! Early bird registration ends on .

Want to come watch the event? Admission is free! We will have more details as the date of the competition nears. Watch our website or sign up for the newsletter as a spectator to keep up with updates, highlights from previous competitions and special features!

What is RoboWars?

Build a sumo robot that can stand its ground and eject your opponents out of the arena! Come show your engineering mettle against a slew of participants from Montréal and beyond!

In RoboWars, you are tasked with building a sumo robot to compete in the arena. Your robot’s objective is simple: push the opponent out of the arena! No weapons. No theatrics. And no yelling instructions from the sidelines—your robot must be fully autonomous in battle! Design your robot thoughtfully, build it patiently, train it well: the path to sumo glory awaits!

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