Analog Audio Electronics Workshop: 2 April 2016

Learn to design real op-amp circuits!

Demystify the secrets of analog!

Build your own audio mixer!

Attendees! PowerPoint slides and Mixer Project Handout can be found in the Downloads section of our Analog Workshop information page.

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Have you ever wanted to design your own audio gear, tone controls, effects modules, or synthesizer modules? Do you want to learn the multitude of ways op-amps are used in real circuits? Or have you already tried building these circuits and encountered baffling problems that only magic seemed to solve?

Then come join our second ever Analog and Audio Electronics workshop!

In this one-afternoon session, we teach you to use op-amps to make basic building-block circuits. Through various circuit examples, you’ll learn how to understand the inner workings of these circuits to make your own (or figure out other circuit designs), and how to combine the building blocks into a useful module or effect! We’ll also teach you the most important pitfalls and gotchas that every analog designer eventually faces, and how to solve them.

Best of all: you get to build and hear your own audio mixer! Interested in trying something else out? No problem, we’ll help you pick out blocks and put them together!

Note that knowledge of basic electric circuits and of frequency-domain (Fourier) concepts are expected. Minimum mathematics is required (primarily high-school algebra).

This workshop is offered in collaboration with the Electronic Music Association of Concordia.

  • Date: Saturday, 2 April 2016
  • Time: 12h to 18h
  • Composition: 50% talk, 50% practical workshop
  • Location: SGW H-540
  • Cost: $5 per person

Visit the ECA office at H-838 or send us an email to buy your ticket. Any tickets remaining will be available at the door.

Questions? You can Contact Us or follow the event on Facebook.

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