MouseBot update: PCBs sent for fab, parts received

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We would like to provide you all with an update on the MouseBot project.

Our printed circuit boards (PCB) are finished, and ready to be sent for manufacturing (see image). If you are interested in how to design a PCB, feel free to come by the IEEE Concordia lab during my (Isaac’s) lab hours to discuss it. Other members of our team can also help you with PCB design, or you can attend our PCB design workshop.

Most of the parts have been received. Our motors arrived in the last week of the fall semester, and we have finally sorted out a capacitor mix-up issue. Although we still need to order the new capacitors, a replacement has been chosen and we finally have almost all our parts in the lab.

Sometime during the beginning of the winter semester, we are looking to build a demonstrator circuit on breadboard; this represents a good learning experience for those of you who are interested. An exact date has yet to be determined, please stay tuned.

In preparation for building the PCB, we recommend that you attend the soldering workshop that will happen in the afternoon of Saturday, 30 January 2016. Watch the news feed: more information to come!

Happy new year, best of luck with the coming winter semester, and thank you again for your interest in this project.

Isaac Goldman
Director of Projects


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